Introducing SeaVeg from FarmaSea

Sea Veg® from FarmaSea™ (90 count bottle) contains organic vegetarian & vegan Vitamin D, Iodine, Omega-3, Omega-6 and Fucoidan in a unique premium blend of 12 nutrient-rich seaweed and sea plant species. 100% natural organic seaweed supplement is wild harvested. These red, brown and green seaweed and sea plant species live on sunlight and seawater and are sustainably harvested from pristine oceans across the globe.

Contains Vital Nutrients

Sea Veg contains organic vegetarian & vegan Vitamin D, Iodine, Omega-3, Omega-6 and fucoidan in our premium blend of nutrient-rich sea plants.

Sea Veg is tested, raw, and 100% GLUTEN FREE. Vegan- and vegetarian-friendly. Contains no dairy, egg, yeast, soy, corn, processed sugar, starch, preservatives, artificial colors, fragrances or flavoring.

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Seaveg Testimonials

  • Sea Veg User

    Since 2003
    I’ve had arthritis since I was 12 and just learned to live with it.  Since I’ve been on Sea Veg I have no signs of it…also my doctor cannot figure out why my hGH levels are so high.  I attribute it to Sea Veg.
  • Sea Veg User

    Since 2005
    For 10 Years this year (2015) this unique supplement is the only one that continues to amaze my mind, body and Soul! It’s a game changer, and I’m simply proud to take it! Life is good. Thank you to the only responsible supplement in America!
  • Sea Veg User

    For many years
    I take this for my asthma, it was so bad I had to do something I was always sick and at the doctor. I am now off all 9 of my meds, and take only Sea Veg…the whole family has asthma problems and it has helped them all….they were in shock how much it helps. It is an awesome product and more people need to be taking it!

The Amazing Sea Veg Benefits

Fortifies your immune system.

Seaveg gives your body extra protection against bacteria and viruses, allergies, injury recovery and cancer.  Fucoidan shows promise in hundreds of published studies for limiting or even reversing factors associated with cancer cell growth.1

Restores your metabolism.

Key nutrients which are plentiful in seaweed supplements like Seaveg such as Iodine support healthy thyroid function and energy, blood sugar regulation & metabolism, slows carb digestion, and are often missing in western diets.

Slows the aging process.

Intrigued by the longer lifespans of those in Japan? Components of our seaweed blend in Seaveg have been shown to provide relief of arthritis pain & inflammation, normalizes blood pressure, relief from menopausal symptoms. 1

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Now it’s up to you to decide

See for yourself the amazing benefits of Sea Veg that thousands of satisfied customers have experienced with this all-natural whole-food supplement…

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