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How Seaweed Can Help Detox Your Body

In an ideal world, everyone would nutritious foods, get plenty of sleep, breath pristinely clean air, and not put any substances in our body such as alcohol or tobacco. Unfortunately, that’s simply not the case for most people. From time to time, we all slip; we eat fast foods or foods with a lot of […]

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Keeping Your Dog Healthy Through Supplements

Pet owners who love their “fur babies” are always looking for ways to improve their dog’s health. For owners who take care to feed their dogs high grade dog food, supplements may not be necessary. However, nutritional needs change in dogs depending on their health, lifestyle, level of activity or other outside influences that may […]

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5 Videos You Should Watch to Learn About Seaweed

If you’re in to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, chances are seaweed has been on your radar to try, as so many people tout it as a superfood with all it’s healthy benefits. While there are several great blogs about seaweed that you can read to become more educated, many people prefer to watch […]

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Studies That Discuss the Health Benefits of Seaweed

As people seek more natural options for enhancing their health, many turn to supplements that can provide additional nutrients they may not be getting in their daily diet. With all of the product claims out there, it can be difficult to decide which supplement is right for you. For the informed consumer, turning to research […]

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