5 Videos You Should Watch to Learn About Seaweed

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5 Videos You Should Watch to Learn About Seaweed

If you’re in to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, chances are seaweed has been on your radar to try, as so many people tout it as a superfood with all it’s healthy benefits. While there are several great blogs about seaweed that you can read to become more educated, many people prefer to watch videos to get their information. We’ve done our research and put together a list of 5 videos you should watch to learn about seaweed. Check them out now to see all the wonderful health benefits seaweed and seaweed supplements has to offer! Click each title below to watch the videos.

The Nutritional Benefits of Seaweed, The Ocean’s Superfood

Presented by Superfoods Evolution, they discuss how seaweeds are one of the most nutritionally dense foods in the plant kingdom and are an abundant source of minerals and beneficial polysaccharides. Watch this insightful video to learn more about seaweed’s benefits.

Health Benefits of Seaweed

Created by Dr. Patrick Quillin, PhD,RD,CNS, this video discusses how the Periodic Table of Elements and Seaweed have much in common. Dr. Quillin shares the many health benefits of seaweed, such as the fact that it’s high in protein, rich in potassium, low in sodium and contains many trace minerals. Find out why seaweed should be in your diet.

From Sea to Table, UConn Research Benefits

This video by UConn professor Charlie Yarish (also known as “Captain Seaweed”) is one of the world’s leading seaweed specialists and tells the story of how it can revolutionize our dinner plate. He shares fun facts, such as the fact that seaweed has more fiber than brown rice, more calcium than whole milk, and more iron than spinach.

Benefits of Seaweed – A Herbalist’s View

This takes on a completely different perspective on health benefits, as explained by a herbalist. Monica Wilde is the Herbal Research Director and references several studies about seaweed and its impact on health. Grab a pen and paper; she mentions several types of seaweeds that are healthy!

How to Boost Your Immune System with Wakame Seaweed

This video is full of medical references, facts, and much more. Presented by NutritionFacts.org, this video discusses how adding seaweed to your diet may boost the efficacy of vaccinations and help treat cold sores, herpes, Epstein-Barr virus, and shingles. This is a great one to watch to learn about seaweed.

Inspired by these videos but not sure if you’re ready to cook or even eat wakame, brown seaweed or dulse?  Try a seaweed supplement to get the same health benefits!  While most westerners have only consumed seaweed on rare occasions with sushi, it’s possible that some of the longest average lifespans in the world are attributed to the Japanese, whose consumption of seaweed averages up to 5-6 grams per day. These nutritious ocean plants contain all the elements necessary for cell regeneration and repair, including Vitamin K for blood clotting, and antioxidants for healing and soothing all forms of irritations and inflammations caused by ailments such as arthritis, celiac disease, asthma, depression and obesity. In addition, because seaweed contains calcium and vitamins A and C, homeopathic treatment plans for osteoarthritis and osteoporosis often include seaweed supplementation. All fantastic reasons to give seaweed, or seaweed supplements a try!

Looking for more videos to watch to learn about seaweed?  Follow Sea Veg® on YouTube!


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