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Welcome to Sea Veg’s blog! The Sea Veg blog serves as a resource for individuals looking for health news, tips and innovative ways to incorporate healthy seaweed into their diet.

Every week, we post new health and seaweed-related content to help you with your healthy regime efforts. Looking for something specific about seaweed supplements we haven’t yet covered here? Contact us! We’d love to hear from you!

  • seaweed you should be eating

Dulse: The Seaweed You Should Be Eating

Trying to eat healthy and maintain a fun variety in your diet is always a challenge. While “superfoods” come and go, one you should try is dulse. Dulse is the seaweed you should be eating. Keep […]

  • omega-6

Why You Need Omega-6 and How to Get it Into Your Diet

A healthy component of any diet is to ensure you’re getting enough fatty acids each day. Many people think that means eating a lot of fish, but that’s not necessarily your only option! One fatty […]

  • gluten-free

Should Your Supplements Be Gluten-Free?

For people suffering from Celiac disease or a gluten intolerance, its importance to watch what you eat. Many other people follow a gluten-free diet simply to help feel less bloated or perhaps lose a little […]

  • how to health conscious moms and wives keep the family healthy? By introducing those nutritious foods whenever you can; sometimes even being a little sneaky about it! Here are a few tips in getting even the pickiest eaters to benefit from seaweed.

Getting Even The Pickiest Eaters to Benefit From Seaweed

Every parent knows what a struggle it can be to get kids to eat the healthy foods. They want chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches; hardly a healthy array of […]

  • what's right for you

Seaweed vs. Seaweed Supplements: What’s Right for You?

As consumers, we’re bombarded with messaging on a daily basis about what we need to do to stay healthy. Eat less sugar. Exercise more. Take a supplement. Drink more water.  Then there are those messages […]

  • keep your kids healthy all summer

Keep Your Kids Healthy All Summer Long

We all remember what it was like as a kid when summer rolled around. Freedom! Time to sleep in, play all day, and come home right around dinner time. There are pool parties, slumber parties, […]