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Welcome to Sea Veg’s blog! The Sea Veg blog serves as a resource for individuals looking for health news, tips and innovative ways to incorporate healthy seaweed into their diet.

Every week, we post new health and seaweed-related content to help you with your healthy regime efforts. Looking for something specific about seaweed supplements we haven’t yet covered here? Contact us! We’d love to hear from you!

  • learn about seaweed

5 Videos You Should Watch to Learn About Seaweed

If you’re in to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, chances are seaweed has been on your radar to try, as so many people tout it as a superfood with all it’s healthy benefits. While there are […]

  • studies that discuss the health benefits

Studies That Discuss the Health Benefits of Seaweed

As people seek more natural options for enhancing their health, many turn to supplements that can provide additional nutrients they may not be getting in their daily diet. With all of the product claims out […]

  • iodine and seafood

Iodine: Why It’s an Important Part of Your Diet

Iodine is an important part of your diet.  It is an element that is needed for the production of thyroid hormone. Since your body does not make iodine, it needs to be a part of your […]

  • questions about seaweed

Your Questions About Seaweed Answered

Seaweed is a known superfood among those who strive to eat healthier so it’s no surprise that as it continues to increase in popularity, so do all of the questions about seaweed. What does it taste […]

  • dulse

What is Dulse and Why Should it Be in Your Diet?

As people seek a healthier lifestyle, many are turning to the sea to supplement their diet. Seaweed is one item that is rapidly gaining popularity. Among the many seaweeds out there, and a name that’s […]

  • fucoidan

What Fucoidan is and Why It’s Important

Fucoidan appears in several studies as a healthy material with medicinal purposes. Articles have been written about its benefits but few truly understand the value and why it’s important.

What is fucoidan?

Fucoidan is a substance […]