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Welcome to Sea Veg’s blog! The Sea Veg blog serves as a resource for individuals looking for health news, tips and innovative ways to incorporate healthy seaweed into their diet.

Every week, we post new health and seaweed-related content to help you with your healthy regime efforts. Looking for something specific about seaweed supplements we haven’t yet covered here? Contact us! We’d love to hear from you!

  • organic supplements vs. synthetic supplements

Organic Supplements vs. Synthetic Supplements: What You Need to Know

It seems like there’s a new supplement hitting the market every week, touting all the wonderful things it will do to improve your health. While most certainly taking a vitamin or supplement is a good […]

  • seaweed is more popular

Seaweed is More Popular Than You Think

In more recent years, seaweed does seem to be gaining a bit of popularity. We recently wrote a blog post about how it may even be considered “the new kale“, referencing how many […]

  • the many uses of seaweed

The Many Uses of Seaweed: More Than a Health Food

At Sea Veg® we’re always amazed by all the healthy benefits incorporating seaweed into your diet can bring. We’ve written several blog posts about the health benefits of seaweed, but we’d be remiss if we […]

  • seaweed myths and truths

Seaweed Myths and Truths

Health and nutrition has long been a source of confusion and inaccurate information. While people try to stay informed on what’s healthy and what’s not, it can be overwhelming because it appears that the information […]

  • nutrients you need

Does Your Diet Give You the Nutrients You Need Every Day?

As people become more well-versed on what a healthy diet should look like, many are making great strides to eat more fruits and vegetables, assuming that by doing this, they will be able to check […]

  • iron

Get More Iron in Your Diet With Seaweed

Seaweed has many health benefits we’ve written about in the past:  it helps fight diseases, assists with thyroid regulation, strengthen bones…the list goes on and on. Another benefit is iron. Seaweed is an excellent dietary […]