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Seaweed Benefits That You Need To Know

The buzz about seaweed continues to grow, and health-conscious people continue to seek ways to incorporate more seaweed into their diets, including the consumption of seaweed supplements. If you’re still learning about seaweed and all the amazing benefits it provides, here are a few seaweed benefits that you need to know!

Seaweed can be […]

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How Seaweed Can Help Detox Your Body

In an ideal world, everyone would nutritious foods, get plenty of sleep, breath pristinely clean air, and not put any substances in our body such as alcohol or tobacco. Unfortunately, that’s simply not the case for most people. From time to time, we all slip; we eat fast foods or foods with a lot of […]

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Choose Seaweed as Part of a Healthy Diet

There are many articles about the many uses and benefits of seaweed. Seaweed is one of Mother Nature’s wonder foods! Seaweed is one of the most nutritionally dense plants on the planet and  the most abundant source of minerals in the plant kingdom as it has access to all the nutrients in the ocean. Learn more about seaweed […]

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The Health Benefits of Seaweed

Seaweed and seaweed-based products are extremely popular right now, and with good reason! Seaweed is one of the healthiest plants that you can consume. Let’s take a look at some of the health benefits of seaweed.

Fight against cancer

Research indicates that seaweed can help to regulate estrogen and estradiol levels, which are two hormones […]

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