Pets Need Iodine in Their Diet to Stay Healthy

Anyone who owns a dog can attest to how much they’re committed to keeping their pooch happy and healthy. Regular walks, plenty of water, and the occasional trip to the veterinarian are all a part of keeping dogs healthy. But for some dogs, that may not be enough. Not all dogs get the nutrition that […]

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Why Your Cat Might Need a Supplement

Pet owners tend to fall into two distinct camps:  those who own dogs, and those who own cats. The debate has raged on for years which animal is smarter, or makes the better pet. However, if you’re a cat owner one thing is for sure:  you want to make sure you cat is happy and […]

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Keeping Your Dog Healthy Through Supplements

Pet owners who love their “fur babies” are always looking for ways to improve their dog’s health. For owners who take care to feed their dogs high grade dog food, supplements may not be necessary. However, nutritional needs change in dogs depending on their health, lifestyle, level of activity or other outside influences that may […]

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