What’s the Difference Between Red, Brown and Green Seaweed?

Oftentimes when you’re looking at seaweed products, including seaweed supplements, you may see one or more of these seaweeds listed. So, what’s the difference between red, brown and green seaweed?

Understanding the three different colors in seaweed

Seaweeds below to three different groups, which have been noted since the mid-nineteenth century based on color:  brown, red, and […]

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5 Videos You Should Watch to Learn About Seaweed

If you’re in to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, chances are seaweed has been on your radar to try, as so many people tout it as a superfood with all it’s healthy benefits. While there are several great blogs about seaweed that you can read to become more educated, many people prefer to watch […]

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Your Questions About Seaweed Answered

Seaweed is a known superfood among those who strive to eat healthier so it’s no surprise that as it continues to increase in popularity, so do all of the questions about seaweed. What does it taste like?  How healthy is it? Can I only gain benefits by eating raw seaweed? Which seaweed should I eat?  The […]

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How to Get More Healthy Seaweed into Your Diet

It’s no secret that seaweed is healthy for you. From being an antioxidant to a fantastic source of iodine, seaweed offers many health benefits that we all should be taking advantage of. However, not everyone is willing to consume seaweed, finding the look, texture, or taste unpleasant. However, there are a few ways to get […]

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