Are There Really Health Benefits to Channelled Wrack?

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Are There Really Health Benefits to Channelled Wrack?

With so many different seaweeds and sea vegetables out there, it’s hard to know which ones are good for you, and which ones you can pass on. Learn more about channelled wrack and its many benefits.

What is Channelled Wrack?

Channelled wrack, also known as Pelvetia canaliculata, is a common brown algae found on the shores of the upper European region. It grows on rocks to a maximum length of 6 inches, with channels on one side. The channels, along with a layer of mucus, help in alleviating dryness of the seaweed when the tide is low. It is a dark brown seaweed with receptacles of equal length, and with a fringed end. It is most distinguishable among brown algae because it’s the most common seaweed that grows at or above high water levels. It needs air to breathe, and if it’s submerged in water for more than 6 hours out of 12, it begins to decay. It can also grow on beaches along side coarse grass and other plants. The sexes of Channelled Wrack both occur in the same shrub, and reproduction occurs at the tip of the plant. The receptacles are swollen during the summer months, and then turn a yellow-green color during maturity.

Is Channelled Wrack edible?

While there’s not a lot of information provided on edible forms of Channelled Wrack, many seaweed variations are very much edible and known to be extremely beneficial. For a great collection on seaweed recipes, you can find them by clicking HERE.

As for Channelled Wrack though, it’s such an easy/versatile seaweed to cook with, that it often needs nothing more than a quick boil. When cooked in boiling water, it’s then quickly blanched (which means to put in an ice-cold water bath to stop the cooking process after boiling.) The color then brightens and is edible! Another way to consume Channeled Wrack is to “pickle” it, which is soaking the seaweed in vinegar for a period of time, of which then turns the Channelled Wrack into an edible form with a textured bite. YUM!

Are there health benefits to Channelled Wrack?

Channelled wrack,  which is a brown seaweed, has been known to be rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, which can aid in the repair of sun damage to the skin, and also prevent wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Channelled wrack has documented benefits in skin protection, among the everyday environmental effects that the skin comes in contact with. Channelled Wrack is such a valuable source to the skin because of its fatty acids, that it’s put in supplement form today.

Therefore, having noted the health benefits of edible Channelled Wrack, and the positive effects it has on the skin with anti-aging, this seaweed has multi-uses and is a must have! While some seaweeds have mostly an edible benefit with endless healthy recipes for consumption, Channelled Wrack has the benefits of health in edible form,  topical form and can be found in high quality seaweed supplements. Protecting the skin every day is vital and often overlooked in our daily regimen. With a natural way to stop the signs of aging and protect against the sun’s rays, Channelled Wrack provides that protection.

Can I help preserve Channelled Wrack?

As the Wildlife Trusts’ states, “Seaweeds provide a vital link in the food chain for many of our rarer species. Our seas and coastline are in need of protection if we are to keep our marine wildlife healthy. The Wildlife Trusts are working with fishermen, researchers, politicians and local people towards a vision of ‘Living Seas’, where marine wildlife thrives. This work has recently had a massive boost with the passing of the Marine Bill, promising sustainable development of the UK’s marine environment.”

Incorporating Channelled Wrack into your diet is a very smart idea. If you prefer not to try your hand at adding it to your culinary routine, then seek out a whole food seaweed supplement that contains Channeled Wrack to get this healthy plant into your diet!

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