Seaweed Benefits That You Need To Know

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Seaweed Benefits That You Need To Know

The buzz about seaweed continues to grow, and health-conscious people continue to seek ways to incorporate more seaweed into their diets, including the consumption of seaweed supplements. If you’re still learning about seaweed and all the amazing benefits it provides, here are a few seaweed benefits that you need to know!

Seaweed can be good for dental health

Seaweed has long been recognized for its preventative effect in the growth of dental cavities. The anti-inflammatory properties are responsible for the improvement in the functioning of salivary glands and making the oral tissues more resistant to damage.

Seaweed can help build strong bones

Seaweed, and dulse in particular, contains a wealth of minerals, including calcium, magnesium, and iron among others, all of which contribute to bone mineral density as well as helping protect joints and tissues, which can keep you stronger into your old age.

Seaweed can help you vision

According to an Organic Facts article, the high levels of vitamin A found in dulse make it an ideal solution for vision problems. Vitamin A acts as an antioxidant and prevents free radicals from damaging the tissues of the eye and causing macular degeneration. It can also slow down the development of cataracts.

Seaweed can help iodine deficiencies

Seaweed’s best-known benefit is that it is an extraordinary source of a nutrient missing in almost every other food: iodine. Consuming healthy levels of iodine is  important to maintaining a healthy thyroid. A malfunctioning thyroid can result in symptoms such as fatigue, muscle weakness, and high cholesterol.

Seaweed is a great source of calcium and protein

Seaweed packs high amounts of calcium. Wakame in particular is a wonderful source. It allows for the absorption of calcium into the human body. Each 100 grams of raw wakame contains 150 milligrams of calcium. As far as protein goes, it’s almost as rich as legumes. That’s pretty impressive for this humble sea vegetable!

Seaweed can help prevent several diseases

It helps to prevent heart disease, cancer, diabetes, blood clotting, and obesity. Wakame has beneficial effects on stroke, hypertension (high blood pressure), viral infections, tumors, oxidation and inflammation while promoting a good immune system.

Seaweed supplements might be the best solution for getting seaweed in your diet

Not all seaweeds are easy to find, prepare or consume. Eating food difficult to digest may give you digestive problems. With a list of foods hard to digest you can avoid digestive problems all together to help you for digestion problems. Seaweed is on that list. It can be very difficult to prepare if you can even find it in the stores beyond seaweed wraps. A better solution may be to consume your seaweed through supplements, ideally a seaweed supplement made from a variety of different seaweeds like Sea Veg® seaweed supplements from FarmaSea®.  The powerful benefits of seaweed are numerous, far more than we listed here. If you’re interested in leading a healthy lifestyle, consider adding seaweed to your health routine!



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