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Seaweed is More Popular Than You Think

In more recent years, seaweed does seem to be gaining a bit of popularity. We recently wrote a blog post about how it may even be considered “the new kale“, referencing how many people are beginning to embrace it in their cooking and snacking routines. Most certainly we are always touting the many health benefits of seaweed, but even we were surprised by how truly popular seaweed is, not only as the newest ingredient showing up in kitchens, but how many websites, studies, and even conferences there are dedicated to all things seaweed.  Seaweed is more popular than you think!

Seaweed conferences

An entire conference dedicated just to seaweed?  Yes indeed! For the first time ever, there is a Seaweed for Health Conference being held in Galway, Ireland in June 2018. For the conference they are bringing together knowledge and experience to this international “Seaweed for Health” conference for research and business within nutraceutical, bioactive and pharmaceutical compounds in seaweed. Curious what it entails? Here’s a partial list of topics to be discussed:

Seaweed for health within:

  • Dietary and gut microbiome
  • As antioxidants
  • Anti-aging and skin care
  • Functional ingredients
  • Animal health
  • Legislation and other barriers

If you’ve never been to Ireland, perhaps this is the final push you need to go! The conference is headed up by Stefan Kraan, the formulator of the FarmaSea® Blend of Sea Plants in all the Sea Veg® family of supplements.

Seaweed cookbooks

For the more adventurous cooks among you, there are numerous cookbooks dedicated to seaweed. And we don’t mean one or two! A quick search on Google gave us a list of over 40 books dedicated to cooking with seaweed!  Hop over to Amazon, and it lists over 100 cookbooks either dedicated solely to cooking with seaweed or containing seaweed recipes.

Seaweed on restaurant menus

Restaurants know how to stay on trend, so when you start seeing seaweed-related menu items, you know it’s getting popular!

Vegan cooking and vegetarian dishes have been a healthy food trend for the past few years. The vegan way of life is now adopting a new subsector with seaweed and other nautical greens gaining popularity. Chefs are already trying out new soup and sauce recipes and adding seaweed-derived salts and oils. How else are they using it? They’re adding  spirulina or blue/green algae to green smoothies or fruit smoothies. They’re using raw maki or sushi veggie rolls, using nori seaweed sheets as the wrapper. They’re adding kelp noodles to soups, raw salads, or making a raw noodle dish with them.

Seaweed websites and blogs

The number of articles, blog posts and websites dedicated to seaweed continues to grow! Many feature the health benefits of seaweed, while others are dedicated to more industrial uses of seaweed, such as using seaweed for energy, and still others are showcasing everything related to seaweed, such as The Seaweed Site. Do a search on “seaweed” and the list of websites, articles, blogs and videos go on and on.

Seaweed rocks

When we say seaweed is everywhere, it’s everywhere! If you make it into pop culture, you’re officially popular. Did you know there’s a band named “Seaweed”? Seaweed is an American band from Tacoma, Washington that was formed in 1989 who played throughout the 1990s. Their style of music is a combination of punk rock and grunge. They had several albums including Spanaway, Actions and indications, Despised, Four, Weak, and Seaweed.  Who knew, right?

Clearly, seaweed is more than a trend. Whether you’re looking to use it in your cooking, find products that have seaweed as an ingredient, or are looking for a high quality seaweed supplement, seaweed is more popular than you think and should be on your radar to learn more about.

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