Studies That Discuss the Health Benefits of Seaweed

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Studies That Discuss the Health Benefits of Seaweed

As people seek more natural options for enhancing their health, many turn to supplements that can provide additional nutrients they may not be getting in their daily diet. With all of the product claims out there, it can be difficult to decide which supplement is right for you. For the informed consumer, turning to research studies is a good way to decide which supplements offer benefits that may truly impact your health for the better. Below we’ll showcase several studies that discuss the health benefits of seaweed.

Scientific Studies

Journal of Applied Phycology

Daily consumption of seaweed has been proposed as a factor in explaining lower postmenopausal breast cancer incidence and mortality rates in Japan. This clinical trial assessed the impact of introducing seaweed- to non-seaweed-consuming American postmenopausal women. Fifteen healthy postmenopausal women were recruited for a 3-month single-blinded placebo controlled clinical trial; five had no history of breast cancer (controls) and ten were breast cancer survivors. The study found that found that consuming seaweed in capsule form was linked with reduced levels of a molecule involved in cancer cell signaling. The authors postulated that this might help explain the lower rates of breast cancer among Japanese women who consume lots of seaweed.

British Journal of Nutrition

This study linked a high seaweed intake with a reduced risk of breast cancer among women in South Korea, where a significant amount of seaweed is consumed as part of the local diet. Another British Journal of Nutrition article highlighted the positive impact of seaweed consumption on inflammation.

Nutrition Reviews

This review discussed how seaweeds may have an important role in modulating chronic disease. Seaweeds are a unique source of compounds with potential to be exploited in human health applications. Purported benefits include antiviral, anticancer, and anticoagulant properties as well as the ability to modulate gut health and risk factors for obesity and diabetes. Though the majority of studies have been performed in cell and animal models, there is evidence of the beneficial effect of seaweed and seaweed components on markers of human health and disease status.

Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition

In this study, they discussed how metabolic syndrome is increasing worldwide, with notable exceptions of some Asian countries where seaweeds are commonly consumed. Observations correlated seaweed consumption with reversing metabolic syndrome.

Health Articles

Looking for more information on the possible benefits of incorporating more seaweed into your diet?  Here are a few more informative articles to read to become more educated on the topic:

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It’s important to be informed when you’re looking to incorporate a supplement into your healthy lifestyle habits. Reviewing research studies that discuss the health benefits of seaweed, health articles on the subject, and listening to actual testimonials will help you determine if a supplement is right for you. As with any supplement, look for one that uses whole foods, is organic, vegan, and offers a money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the product.

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