Feeling Sluggish, Overweight, or Have Digestion Troubles? If So, There’s A 94% You Are Suffering From This.

Plus: The natural solution to feeling youthful and energetic again.

By – Dr. Stefan Kraan, PhD in Marine Biology

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After reading, you’ll probably never go another day without it

Americans are unhealthier and sicker than ever.

Between a diet filled with fast food and processed food, we’re the most overfed and undernourished we’ve ever been.

To make matters worse, studies show that farmland soil has the fewest nutrients it’s ever had! If you ate a tomato 50 years ago, it would have 8 times the amount of nutrients it does today. Poor nutrition makes you feel tired, overweight, and reliant on prescription drugs.

If this sounds familiar, you’re likely one of the 94% of Americans who are nutrient-deficient. But In just a few moments, I’ll show you what to do if that’s the case.

Poor nutrition makes you feel tired, overweight, and reliant on prescription drugs.

Nutrient Deficiencies Send Hunger Hormones Into Overdrive

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You see, when food lacks essential nutrients, our bodies beg us to eat more. It’s like a switch your brain flips on, releasing hunger hormones in a desperate attempt to eat nutrients that aren’t there.

Unfortunately, this is the story of the Standard American Diet – filled with chemical-laden, processed foods, and it’s killing us.

100 million Americans are overweight, and 40% have one or more chronic diseases.

These essential nutrients we’re lacking are critical for normal immune function, brain health, preventing chronic illness, premature aging, and so much more.

Luckily, there’s a sea-plant-based supplement that contains 92 out of the 102 vitamins and minerals your body needs – it’s a must-try if you want as many benefits as possible without choking down a dozen pills.

Provides 90% Of Nutrients & Minerals Your Body Needs

Tropical fish swimming among colorful corals and marine plants in an aquarium.

The beauty of sea plants like Irish Moss, Bladderwrack, and many others is that they’re renowned for their nutrient-rich profile. So, taking a few every morning provides the benefits of choking down a half-dozen pills.

Their secret lies in absorbing minerals directly from seawater instead of nutrient-deficient soils on land. The ocean acts like a reservoir of vitamins and minerals that sea plants absorb as they mature.

And you’ll be happy to know we harvest everything from the cleanest oceans in the world—places like the North Atlantic, where ocean currents and low industrial activity keep sea vegetation practically pollution-free.

What’s In It?

Bottle of Super Sea Veg dietary supplement with 180 vegetable capsules.
Fresh green microgreens densely packed together.A hand holding a cluster of brown seaweed in water.Bowl of fresh seaweed salad with sesame seeds.Purple sea anemones and seaweed in a shallow, clear tide pool.Close-up of a weathered rope tied in a knot on a rocky surface.
Purple sea anemones and seaweed in a shallow, clear tide pool.Close-up of a weathered rope tied in a knot on a rocky surface.

Now, these are just 5 of the 12 sea-based plants in Sea Veg. The benefits of each one could be an entire article on their own.

But to save you some time, below are the 5 of its most well-known ingredients and their benefits.

Irish Moss

Contains carrageenan, which increases the feeling of fullness and helps manage weight.


High in iodine, a nutrient necessary to support healthy thyroid function and increased energy.


High in fiber and fucoxanthin, which support healthy digestion and reduce fat absorption.


Rich in alginic acid, which helps regulate stomach acidity and protect the stomach lining.

Knotted Wrack

Contains alginic acid and fucoidan, which help to reduce fat absorption in the gut.

Why Take Sea Veg Over Traditional Multivitamins?

If you’re like most people, at one point, you may have or are currently taking a multivitamin. Unfortunately, most multivitamins are from synthetic sources (made in a lab). That means these vitamins and minerals are less bioavailable, and your body can’t absorb its compounds.

As much as 70% of the multivitamins people take every morning get flushed down the toilet when they pee

And that’s exactly why Sea Veg is made from natural, sea-plant ingredients. You see, plant-based nutrients are usually in their natural forms, which the body recognizes and more readily absorbs

That’s why those taking Sea Veg often notice a difference right away. No waiting for months on end wondering if what you’re taking is work. That brings me to my next point….

What Are People Saying About Sea Veg?

I have found Sea Veg 90 capsules to give me more energy than I have had in years. My arthritis and mobility have greatly improved after only a few weeks. Yours is an outstanding, food-based vitamin/mineral supplement! I am so excited about Sea Veg 90 that I have also ordered for a friend in Fresno. She has fibromyalgia and has given up on pharmaceutical drugs for a cure. I know that you do not make claims for a cure. Yet, giving the body a full range of plant based nutrients has to improve the body’s immune system in fighting any disease. – Burt M.

I have taking this supplement for years. My blood pressure has dropped. – Scott

I love this product! I have been taking Sea Veg for well over a decade daily as my multi-vitamin. I used to wake up with a trembling inside of my body that I couldn’t figure out the cause. I’ve always eaten very health and tried several very high quality vitamins, nothing worked. I came across sea veg on TV and they were explaining how our soil is depleted of nutrients and the essential minerals that our body need can only be extracted now from sea plants. I decided to try it and behold, a week later the trembling was gone! I never looked back. I also give it to my dog, who’s super healthy and everyone complements it on how nice her coat looks.

This product is the real deal. I have a very sensitive stomach. Most supplements bother me if taken daily. I have used seaveg for over a year with no issues. I thoroughly recommend this product. – Dante

I have been taking these for about 8 years. I started them when I was pregnant with my first son and wanted a prenatal vitamin that had it all but was natural, easy to digest and could be taken on an empty stomach. Enter Sea Veg. My best friend introduced me to it after her father began taking them as part of his cancer recovery plan. He swore by them, and then she swore by them so I grabbed a bottle. My kids have been taking the children’s version–they are now seven and four. I double up when I feel any kind of cold coming on and it wipes it out before it comes to pass! THANK YOU for a reliable formula that has only served me better since the start. – Melissa

How Much Does It Cost

At one point, a 30-day bottle of Sea Veg was priced at $50

And considering its health benefits and how nutrient-dense it is, many happily paid that because it was an investment in their health.

But I didn’t pursue my Ph.D. in Marine Biology for the money. I did it to spread the word about the health benefits of sea plants.

That said, at the time of writing, we’re running a limited-time promotion. When you order 6 bottles of Sea Veg, you get 30% off – a total of $65 savings.

You can get your 6-month supply of Sea Veg 30% Off by clicking here.

When Will I Feel A Noticeable Difference?

If you’ve ever taken a supplement and wondered whether it’s working or not, I know how frustrating that can be. So here’s what most customers report experiencing within their first 3 months.

Week 1

During the first week, you’ll immediately notice an improved digestive system and more energy.

Month 1

After an entire month of daily use, the carrageen in the Irish Moss will act as a natural appetite suppressant. You won’t be as likely to overeat and may begin to lose weight.

Month 3

By the 90-day mark, you’ll likely have lost quite a few pounds. Energy levels will be much higher than month one. If you had any joint pain, it would likely have subsided.

That said, everyone’s body is different, and yours may not respond the same. You may notice every benefit to its full effect on month 1 or it might take 3 months or more. Although Sea Veg is more easily absorbed than other supplements, the benefits are best felt after long-term use.

Is Sea Veg Worth It?


As a Ph.D in Marine Biology with a specialization in edible sea plants, there is no better wellness supplement out there.

Sea Veg has every vitamin and nutrient to help you feel your best regardless of age. While I can’t say it will solve 100% of your health issues, sea plants are the best thing nature offers in terms of health.

See What Sea Veg® Users Have to Say

“I take Sea Veg as part of my overall health regimen & I feel that I am very healthy for my age…I believe Sea Veg is an important part of my healthy lifestyle. Sea Veg is a great product.”

Sea Veg® User Since 2005

“I’ve had arthritis since I was 12 and just learned to live with it. Since I’ve been on Sea Veg I have no signs of it…also my doctor cannot figure out why my hGH levels are so high. I attribute it to Sea Veg.”

Sea Veg® User Since 2003

“I take this for my asthma, it was so bad I had to do something I was always sick and at the doctor. I am now off all 9 of my meds, and take only Sea Veg. My husband likes it for the energy it gives him. Another family I got started taking it the whole family has asthma problems and it has helped them all….they were in shock how much it helps. It is an awesome product and more people need to be taking it!”

Sea Veg User® For Many Years

“I started taking it for the beginning signs of menopause. It completely helped with hot flashes, night sweats and mood. I ran out on vacation and my hot flashes returned in two days. I immediately starting again when I got home and they were gone the next day. I love Sea Veg!!! I tell everyone about it.”

Sea Veg® User Since 2003

“One of my dogs had a “so called” Thyroid Issue and the Vet put my dog on Thyroid meds, which she stayed on most of her adult life. This caused all sorts of health problem later in life. Blindness, a loss of a bark due to thickening of the Epiglottises and weight issues to name a few…I attribute her rebound in part from the use of Sea Veggy Tails. She is now the equivalent of 120 years old in human terms and still doing well. I let everyone I know about your amazing products, Thank You.”

Sea Veggy Tails® User Since 2005

“I have swollen ankles, it has helped and my overall health. I stopped taking it for a week and that is when I realized it was helping so I take it all the time and the swelling (inflammation) goes down. i do not take any other mnedication but Sea Veg, this helps me.”

Sea Veg® User Since 2015