Sea Veg® Ownership

Our Ongoing Commitment to Your Health

Hello. My name is Greg Good. I am a husband, and father of 2. I am also the owner of FarmaSea® and the Sea Veg® brand of nutritional products. Once a partner in the company, I believed in our products so much, I bought the company and became full owner. Perhaps you have seen my original testimonial recorded back in 2008. If not, I invite you to take this opportunity to get to know me a little better as well as witness my passion for the natural nutritional supplement industry and for our all-natural Sea Veg® products.

My goal is to continue providing the high quality you’ve come to trust from all our products and to make improvements as nutritional research evolves. I am also a firm believer in reliable customer service and customer support, so I hope to provide you with the very best. Feel free to email me at any time | greggood@4gventuresinc.com

We have assembled a dedicated team of professionals—from those who sustainably source and harvest our seaweed, to the individuals who bottle and package our products, to those who ship Sea Veg® to you. We are grateful to be able to meet your nutritional needs.

Our Official Sea Veg® Products

Our label design is fresh and clean, much like the pristine waters from which we harvest our seaweed. It reflects our ongoing commitment to provide you with the best nutrition the sea has to offer. And, to that end, we’ve increased the nutritional value of our Sea Veg®products and FarmaSea®Proprietary Blend of 12 Whole Sea Plants, by increasing the individual contribution percentage of one of the species – Wakame – a highly nutritional sea vegetable with many impressive, research-supported benefits.

No Fillers. No kidding!

Because it’s important to you, we add no rice flour or rice bran filler to any of our human supplements. The FarmaSea®Proprietary Blend of 12 Whole Sea Plants is 100% vegetable, as stated on our labels. You pay for the best—you should receive the best!

WARNING: Beware Of Counterfeit Supplements!

Rest assured, this is the Official FarmaSea® Sea Veg® line of products that you have grown to love and trust. It is the only line of products bearing the SeaVeg® and FarmaSea® brands legally registered to be sold domestically and internationally.

Be careful of buying counterfeit products on the market as we eliminate any confusion caused by the multiple websites and multiple package designs. This website is the only place to buy authentic Sea Veg® products!

Look for the logo and enjoy the Official Sea Veg® by FarmaSea®.