If you’ve ever wondered what is detoxification, here’s a simple detoxification definition:

Detoxification is the process of consuming certain foods to speed up waste elimination from the body.

Detox benefits the key digestive organs: the liver, kidneys, lymph, and colon. It also boosts skin health and appearance as well. It can be an important part of disease treatments, from alcoholism and drug abuse to ridding the body of a stubborn virus or bacteria.

The liver probably gets the most detox benefits. It cleanses every drop of blood in the body to filter out toxins that have been ingested, whether by choice or accident and balances out toxins so they can be properly eliminated without endangering the rest of the body.

The kidneys receive the toxins filtered out by the liver and turn them into the urine. Water and green tea are excellent fluids to help the kidneys flush out trace amounts of leftover toxins.

Extra water helps the lymphatic system flush out bacteria, viruses, and other impurities it traps as it circulates throughout the body. Sweating (from a workout or steam sauna), exercise, and massage also help detox the lymphatic system.

The colon detoxifies by regularly pushing out chemical solid waste. When this process is backed up, some of these toxins can be re-introduced into the bloodstream. Detoxing the colon with water, foods high in fiber, and gentle laxatives can restore its proper function. The high soluble fiber content in seaweed creates a kind of gel in the intestinal tract that helps gather and eliminate toxins.

Seaweed contains two chemicals that are excellent for all over detoxification: chlorophyll and alginates. Chlorophyll can remove heavy metals from the blood, including excessive amounts of trace metals, and alginates, which are particularly good at remove environmental toxins. Sargassum seaweed may be among the most efficient foods to filter out everything from cigarette smoke to industrial waste.

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